Vision and Ethos

Our school mission, in partnership with parents and parish, is to create a caring, worshipping community rooted in Christ’s teaching where everyone can achieve his or her full potential.

Our Vision.

our-visionOur vision is a school which recognises every member as unique and  enables them all to participate fully in its activities; encourages the children to develop meaningful relationships with staff, other children and the wider community.

A school with a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered in an effective and stimulating manner, encouraging each child to achieve the highest standards of which s/he is capable.

Teaching that challenges children and affirms their achievements, building on real experiences, demanding active participation in the learning opportunities offered and extending beyond the classroom.

Opportunities for worship through daily prayer, (both collective and personal) the mass and other varied liturgies.

Respect for each other growing from honesty, truth and Christian love with the framework of the catholic faith forming the basis of all our activities.

Our Ethos.
  • A school where everyone cares for each other as Christ cared.ethos-1
  • Everyone to be treated as special.
  • Everyone to take part in, and benefit from, all of our school’s life.
  • Children’s work to be varied, interesting and well taught.
  • Pupils to learn as well as they are able in all areas.
  • Pupils to enjoy work and be made happy by their success.
  • Work to be real activities that extend outside class.
  • To give people the chance to worship in groups or as individuals.
  • To help everyone respect and love each other within the family of the Catholic Faith.ethos-2