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St Christopher’s

Catholic Primary School

Carry Christ to All


At St Christopher’s we are working to adopt the principles set out in Stockport’s Strategy for Improving Wellbeing in Education Settings.                 

Our St Christopher’s values are at the heart of all we do, this ethos helps to support our wellbeing and understand it is all of our responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of our children, adults and community.                                

We recognise that the relationships based philosophy of Restorative Approaches within our setting will support and complement our vision.


NICE sets out the following definition in its guidance on Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Children and Young People:

Wellbeing means:  Being happy and confident and not anxious or depressed  Having the ability to problem-solve, manage emotions, experience empathy, being resilient and attentive  Having good relationships with others and not having behavioural problems – that is, not being disruptive, violent or a bully.

Wellbeing also includes:                                                                                  

§Having a sense of meaning or purpose 
§Being successful or having a sense of achievement 
§Having a sense of control 
§Giving and receiving attention and being validated

Mindfulness for Children 

Being mindful is about having your mind on only what you are doing - not rushing or thinking ahead. Calming our bodies and minds creates a relaxed positive environment, which benefits behaviour, patience, communication and emotional regulation. 

School Based Anxiety 

Wellbeing for Parents and Carers